Executive Summary

On December 8th 2020 during a global release, one of the leading cybersecurity firms, FireEye reported a breach that may have resulted in the theft of specialized red-team and penetration testing tools used by the firm. The stolen tools, simplified, were designed to imitate different vulnerabilities and testing. Though iColor Printing & Mailing Inc does not directly utilize FireEye services, a standard protocol is place to perform rigorous security testing when a breach of this magnitude is identified.

It is believed by our organization as well as others, that considering the targeted and organized methods, it is likely that the adversary was after some critical information housed on the FireEye servers. It is imperative to understand that the specialized tools stolen were not released into the wild and more importantly a detailed TTPs has not yet been confirmed or released by FireEye. There is an essential piece of the information that remains missing, that in many ways can be viewed as the most integral information that can be captured, as a result of this attack.

As a precautionary measure, FireEye released a list of tools and additional informational steps to implement security controls and mitigation for defense against the stolen tools.

The collection of released data is being used by iColor Printing & Mailing Inc. and its products, to help ensure our customers remain protected if the attackers choose to utilize the tools for malicious purposes.

Protecting Our Customers

I Color Printing & Mailing Inc. with the use of its products, has been hard at work since the release, working rigorously to ensure the protections released by FireEye are implemented in a timely manner.

The primary list of rules and the 16 vulnerability CVE identifiers were captured on the Github release and were isolated and tested.

Our firm has ensured the protections within our products that exist today, are being prioritized to safeguard against vulnerabilities and their exploitation. These range from a wide variety of products and an analysis was conducted on these to ensure that any open vulnerabilities are identified and reported. At this time, there is no detection or reasonable threat identified as a result of the FireEye breach.

Our organization with the use of its team and products is analyzing the efficacy of and applying all stable rules to our respective processes. Continual verdict efficacy checks of identified malware samples is always ongoing within the products and processes our firm utilizes.


Our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ data is our primary purpose and protections that are in place for our customers are continuously being updated and enhanced. Our valued clients should rest well knowing that our team and its security researchers are working diligently to ensure protections are in place for our entire ecosystem. Our sincere thanks to the FireEye team for the disclosure of information, the dedicated iColor IT Security Team and our leading cyber security affiliates for continuously updating, aligning and upholding the values and commitments of iColor Printing & Mailing Inc.


Adil Khan

Adil Khan
Chief Executive Officer

Released: December 15th 2020 – Adil Khan